Rubik S Cube Algorithms List

How To Create A Really Good Algorithm List For the Rubik’s Cube?

A search for solutions online for a concise Rubik S Cube Algorithms List will yield multiple results. Thousands of websites claim to give you a list of algorithms that will give the correct results. They all claim that they have a list of algorithms that can quickly solve the cube. But they have problems too. Below are some of the issues with searching for solutions online.

Not Useful For Beginners

Rubik S Cube Algorithms List

In most cases the algorithms lists are not useful for beginners. They don’t tutor the beginner. A beginner can easily get confused with the different letters used.

Most sites don’t even have an explanation on what the different letters are and which moves they correspond to. The just assume that the beginner know what that tutor was thinking.

Also a lot of sites don’t explain the basic moves. They all expect you to be able to get to the cross right. The fact is getting the cross is itself a difficult technique to master. If a person already knew how to do this he wouldn’t necessarily be looking online for solutions.

Multiple Notations Used

What is worse than not knowing the notations is that a website creators will use multiple notations. And this is not just on different websites.

Sometimes a single website will have algorithms written using different notations. When you go through multiple sites for solutions to the cube, you can’t but help get confused.

You see, each person has written the algorithm in their own format using their own notations. Most website creators will simple copy and paste the algorithm from other sources to create their own Rubik S Cube Algorithms list. Seldom do they bother to do a clean up job on the material they have collected.

Why can’t people stick to a common notation? The most common notation that should used when you’re creating a Rubik S Cube Algorithms List is the Singmaster notation.

Images Are Confusing

Most sites also have images on them. The images are places there to help the solver. Quite often the images on the websites are poor quality and often the arrows don’t really show what move is required. In most cases the arrows show the exact opposite of what is actually required.

This can be very frustrating for a newbie. He can very easily get dissuaded from going online for solutions. Websites sure ensure that their images are high quality. Care should be taken to depict the moves. Arrows should not be short or small in size.

They should clearly show the move that the solver has to perform and in accordance with the notation used to signify the move.

Using the Singmaster Notation

The Singmaster notation has been suggested and adopted by many people, when one wants to create a solutions list. It is the most widely adopted notation, and also the most widely understood.

If you use this notation when creating your own Rubik S Cube Algorithms List, it will become easy for all the solvers, and ensure that your list is actually used by people looking online for solutions.

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